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Meet the Chef & his Team

Vietnamese cuisine is a truly unique experience with its fresh and vibrant ingredients and delicious mix of meats and vegetables. Over a thousand years of Chinese Imperial rule, a hundred years of French Indochina colonization, Japanese occupation, and even American influence, has culminated to produce a distinct and cosmopolitan Vietnamese cuisine that is delight to your tastes. 

In 90% of Western dishes, the aromatic base is a chopped onion and maybe some minced garlic. In Vietnamese dishes, herbs are usually not simmered or cooked with other aromatics as they are in Western and even other Asian cuisines. Vegetables play a crucial role. No meal is complete without a platter of vegetable. In general, Vietnamese food is vegetable-heavy--Which is why it's a great choice for healthy lifestyles.

Vietnamese food, especially “Pho” is truly unique. With a combination of hearty broth, delicious rice noodles, and select cuts of meats and vegetables, this dish will enthrall your tastes with its unique textures and flavor. 

Please take a look at our menu. From our “Pho” soups to our rice or vermicelli dishes or various other specialty entrees, there is something for everyone. Visit our restaurant and experience a taste of House of Pho’s culinary style and service. 

At House of Pho, we pride ourselves on our excellent Vietnamese cuisine and offer the benefit of every customer, age 21 and older, has the privilege of bringing their own wine, beer or alcoholic beverage while dining (BYOB). 

We will provide glasses if necessary and ask that proper I.D. is brought with you as by law we have a right to refuse. We want your experience to be both safe and enjoyable for all and ask you drink responsibly. 

We look forward to seeing you here so be sure to introduce yourself and feel free to ask our staff or ask for the Chef/Owner for menu suggestions. You have to try it all! 

An Ngon
"Eat Well"

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